The Department of Physiotherapy  and Occupational Therapy of the Zurich University Hospital (PEU) consists of approximately 140 physiotherapists and occupational therapists. We are organized into nine specialized  teams that provide cross-departmental services in the clinics of the Zurich University Hospital (USZ). In both inpatient and outpatient settings we work closely with doctors, nursing staff, and other healthcare professionals.

We stand for high quality therapeutic services. Our staff continue to further their education in order to deliver highly skilled services in patient care, teaching, and research. Our work with patients is based on thorough examination, specific assessments and evaluation to ensure appropriate therapeutic interventions. To do so we rely on the available medical evidence to provide best practice.

We are committed to promoting junior staff development and serve as an important training site for college students of both professional groups. In the research and teaching department, therapeutic research is carried out by both renowned and internationally active researchers.

Christine Meier Zürcher
Head of Department Therapies
"Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy"



Therapy registration/
Tel. +41 44 255 86 88

Universitity Hospital Zurich
Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy
Gloriastrasse 25
8091 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 255 23 74

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